A prizewinner of many international competitions, Noriko Uenaka has received second prize in the E.R. Stepanow in Austria, third prize in the Viotti-Valsesia in Italy, and third prize in the Bosendorfer Competition in Austria. She has been awarded diplomas from numerous competitions, including Beethoven (Austria), Maria Canals (Spain), Busoni (Italy), ABC Music Awards (Japan), and Tokyo Cultural Hall (Japan) and has also appeared in recitals and

concerto performances with orchestras in Japan, Austria and Italy.

Noriko Uenaka graduated from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (Geidai School), where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Ms. Uenaka pursued further studies at the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna (Vienna Academy) and graduated from the School’s bachelor’s program with top honors. 

She completed her Master’ s degree upon returning to Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music.

Ms. Uenaka studied with Hideo Usui, Hitoshi Toyama, Reiko Matsuzaki, Carmen Graf-Adnet and Ryoko Fukasawa. She is currently on the faculty at the Toride-Shoyo music high school and Tokiwa University in Japan and regularly serves as judge for the PTNA (Piano Teachers’ National Association) piano competitions in Japan. Ms. Uenaka has been the visiting artist of the Aloha International Piano Festival since its inception in 2006.