Aloha International Piano Festival & Competition

Aloha International Piano Competition

The Aloha International Piano Competition will resume in 2023 as we present the inaugural Ke'alohi International Piano Competition this June.

The Aloha International Piano Festival (AIPF) invites piano students from around the world to apply to compete in the 2021 Virtual Aloha International Piano Competition. 

Effective this year, over $7,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to winners in all levels (not applicable to the amateur division).  Junior, High School, and Young Artist levels will shift to a two-tier competition and we are excited to live-stream the competition finals from the historic Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 9, 2021.  New this year, we have established an ‘audience prize’ and viewers from around the world will have the opportunity to cast their vote for their favorite finalist! 

Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Virtual Aloha International Piano Competition!

Level A

First Prize:  Angela Guan Hsing Yue Jiang (age 8, Honolulu, Hawaii) – student of Bichuan Li.

Second Place (tie):  Codie Yeung (age 8, Honolulu, Hawaii) – student of Bichuan Li.  Hiroshi Corro (age 8, Fremont, California) – student of Yuko Yoshida.

Third Place:  Ailis Nguyen (age 8, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii) – student of Ruth Murata-Eisen.

Honorable Mention:  Junhao Mo (age 6, China) – student of Guorong Liang , Henley Anthony (age 6, Paia, Maui, Hawaii) – student of Ruth Murata-Eisen, Keeley Fan (age 8, Honolulu, Hawaii) – student of Joanna Fan.

Level B

First Prize:  Rosabelle Shi (age 10, Long Grove, IL) – student of Sylvia Wang. 

Second Place (tie):  Crystal Ferreira (age 11, Honolulu, HI) – student of Thomas Yee.  Sora Corro (age 11,  Fremont, CA) – student of Yuko Yoshida.

Third Place (tie):  Ben Liu (age 11, Honolulu, HI) – student of Bichuan Li.  Eliana Chang (age 9, Honolulu, HI) – student of Thomas Yee.

Honorable Mention:  Miyu Akino (age 10, Honolulu, HI) – student of Joanna Fan.  Mingyu Cai (age 11, Honolulu, HI) – student of Bichuan Li.  Amy Cui (age 10, Lincoln, NE) – student of Feifei Jiang.


First Place:  Taito Shimomura (Fukuoka, Japan) – student of Hisayuki Ohara.

Second Place:  Utako Tanigawa (Dawsonville, GA) – student of Joe Chapman.

Third Place (tie):  Mari Yoshihara (Honolulu, HI) – student of Thomas Yee.  Chihiro Sato (Tokyo, Japan) – student of Ronn Yedidia.

Junior Winners

Third Prize & Audience Prize:  Yuqiao Chen (age 13, China) – student of Irina Novikova.

Second Prize:  Ella Cho (age 14, La Habra Heights, CA) – student of Jenny Shin.

First Prize:  Xinran Shi (age 12, San Jose, CA) – student of Hans Boepple.

Honorable Mention:  Yuuna Arae (age 12, Osaka, Japan) – student of Tomiko Tanada.

High School Winners

Second Prize:  Nana Kunimoto (age 16, Yamaguchi, Japan) – student of Eiko Nagano.

First Prize & Audience Prize:  Parker Van Ostrand (age 18, Sacramento, CA) – student of Linda Nakagawa & Garrick Ohlsson.

Third Prize:  Akari Otaka (age 16, Ibaraki, Japan) – student of Noriko Uenaka.

Honorable Mention: Jeslyn Cai (age 16, Spokane, WA) – student of Peter Mack.  Jie Liang (age 16, Auckland, NZ) – student of Songwen Li.

Young Artist Winners

Second Prize:  Hongbo Cai (age 21, New England Conservatory) – student of Meng-Chieh Liu.

First Prize & Audience Prize:  Jairus Rhoades (age 17, Mililani, HI) – student of Joanna Fan.

Third Prize:  Zhouhui Shen (age 20, Juilliard) – student of Hung-Kuan Chen.

Honorable Mention:  Madoka Iwata (age 19, Tokyo College of Music) – student of Noriko Sato.  Ka Man Carmen Ching (age 25, University of Kansas) – student of Scott McBride Smith.